Considering a Woodmont Wedding?


Woodmont Christian Church extends warm greetings and best wishes as you begin to make plans for your wedding day.

Our Sanctuary was recently listed #1 on Martha Stewart's "Wedding Ceremony Locations in the South."  Woodmont's beautiful Sanctuary was described as "small and traditional with a bright, modern interior and a skyscraping steeple."  To see the listing, click here.

The information provided on this page is a quick guide to some of Woodmont's wedding policies and procedures. For further information, to schedule a property tour, to obtain a full wedding packet of information, or to inquire about a specific date(s) please contact:

       Marion Greenlee
       Wedding Coordinator
       (615) 383-3344
       8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday only please!

Please note that property tours are conducted only by appointment.


There are two requirements in order to schedule a wedding date on the church calendar:

1) A signed application along with a $500 property deposit. This deposit is refundable following your wedding if there is no damage to the church property and if all time limits are met. Adequate time is allowed for every wedding and we can be flexible in some areas. Specifically, one hour is allowed for a rehearsal and four hours are allowed for each wedding. Speak with the coordinator if you are concerned about these time allotments.

2) A brief meeting with the Sr. Minister and both the bride and groom is required. This meeting takes only about 15-20 minutes and is a requirement whether a Woodmont minister or your personal minister is officiating at your wedding.


Weddings are very personal and therefore, music requests vary. There are various music formats used for weddings in our sanctuary including; organ, piano, strings, trumpet, bagpipes, and others. Our sound system is also quite adequate with both wireless microphones and stationary microphones available. Additional sound equipment (amplifiers, etc.) may not be brought into the sanctuary.

The Church sanctuary houses a 6’1” Yamaha grand and a 17-rank Reuter pipe organ. Like many churches with expensive pipe organs, Woodmont requires their organist to be contracted for weddings using organ. Michael Graham, director/organist, has a Masters degree in organ performance from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University and has played hundreds of weddings over his twenty-year tenure at WCC. A CD of his playing the Woodmont pipe organ is included in our wedding packet.


Photographs usually begin 1 - 2 hours prior to the wedding. Photographers are not permitted inside the sanctuary once the mothers are ready to be seated. A well-maintained garden is also available for outdoor pictures.

Videography is permitted as well. Only one camera may be placed in the chancel area and one camera may be placed in the balcony. Videographers must remain stationary.

Accessible Seating

A recent renovation of our Sanctuary added seats for 2 wheelchairs halfway along the Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary is at ground level and easy to access for people who need accessible seating.


The use of Woodmont's Coordinator is required for both the rehearsal and wedding. The coordinator's fee is included in the sanctuary fee.


Our Fellowship Hall is available for receptions. A licensed and insured caterer must be secured for food and beverage purposes. If you are interested in scheduling your reception at the church, speak with the coordinator about your needs.


  • Property Deposit - $500
  • Sanctuary  - $2,000
  • Fellowship Hall - $500
  • Kitchen - $75
  • Bay - $150
  • Classroom - $50
  • Minister - $300 (using a minister from our church is optional)
  • Organist - $300 (not required)
  • Aisle Candles - $75
  • Extended Time - $50 (30 minute)
  • Custodial and Coordinator Fees Included

Woodmont Christian Church would be happy to be a part of this important day in your life. If you have additional questions or would like to take a property tour and/or receive a full wedding information package, please call Marion Greenlee at 383-3344, 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday only please.


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