General Facility Information

Our Campus

Woodmont's campus is located at the corner of Hillsboro Pike and Woodmont Blvd. in Green Hills, a beautiful part of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Our campus is approximately 11 acres. The larger and main building that spans most of the parking lot includes our Administrative Offices (The Mansion), Woodmont Christian Preschool, The Sanctuary, Educational Wings, Classrooms, Kitchens, Gathering Hall, Drowota Hall, Nursery, Kids Commons and Youth Wing. 

To the west of the main building (considered behind the building) is Campbell West. Historically, Campbell West served as the residence for the Senior Pastor and his family. Currently it is used for internal church related functions. 

At the South end of the parking lot is South Hall. South Hall houses The Nashville Food Project, a non profit organization supported by Woodmont. It is also the place where our guests stay for Room In The Inn during the winter months.

In addition to the wonderful buildings on the campus, Woodmont also has a beautiful gardens (one is called the Garden of Prayer and is solely maintained by Woodmont volunteers) an outdoor chapel, an outdoor labyrinth, a colombarium, a scatter garden, koi pond, multiple play areas, and a large parking lot.

The most noticeable and talked about part of Woodmont's campus from the outside is the Spire. "Like a finger pointing to heaven", the Spire is 210 feet and 7 inches tall. It is illuminated at night and is a landmark in the Green Hills area.