Our Mission, Values, and Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Woodmont Christian Church: Growing Disciples of Christ by Seeking God, Sharing Love, and Serving Others.

Our Core Values

Welcoming | Outstanding worship | Outreach | Different traditions
Mission & Ministry | On the move | Nurturing | Transforming

WE BElieve

●  In Jesus Christ who is the Son of God.
●  In freedom and diversity in Christian thought and interpretation.
●  That which unites Christians (Jesus Christ) should be greater than that which divides us.
●  That sin separates us from God and from one another.
●  That Jesus Christ enables us to overcome sin.
●  In the power of prayer and in the Holy Spirit.
●  The Bible speaks God’s Truth.
●  God’s people are called to live together in a community of faith called the Church. The Church is not a place, but people.
●  In baptism by immersion at the age of understanding.
●  The Lord’s Supper is the central experience of worship.
●  In Salvation and Eternal Life, which begins when one accepts Jesus Christ, and is fully completed after physical death. True Salvation is a life-long experience, not just a momentary one.
●  That faith is a matter to be lived out and not just expressed in words.
●  That every Christian is called to ministry.
●  That Christians are called to be good managers of their God-given money, time & ability.

We also honor the heritage of Christian unity by staying together in covenant as a witness to the world that even when we disagree we can still make room, welcoming all to the table as Christ has welcomed us. Our spiritual ancestors were fond of saying, “unity, not uniformity.”

Our Covenant

Woodmont's founding document from 1943:
"We do hereby solemnly covenant with God and one another to band ourselves together to establish a Christian Church in this community for ourselves and posterity. We pledge our time, substance, talents and prayers to the end that this Church shall be a house of prayer for all people, a fellowship of those who believe in Christ and strive to follow His teachings, and a part of the Church Universal. We aim to erect a suitable edifice for divine worship, for Christian education, for stewardship, for world missions, and to minister to the spiritual need of the community. All this we covenant to be and do under the guidance of God and the leadership of Jesus Christ our Lord."
July 18, 1943

Our Charter & By Laws