Chris Cox

Minister to Youth & Their Families

As the son of a traveling preacher, grew up around the church in a unique way. His father and mother traveled around the eastern region of the United States preaching sermons, creating chalk drawings, and performing dramas and puppet shows, which were widely popular in the 1980s. This has made a huge impact on how Chris views ministry.

“I believe that the number of ways in which we can talk about God is only limited by our imagination. I love getting together to figure out new and fun ways we can look at the gospel. Each of us is different in incredible ways. We have unique talents and learning styles. Ministry ought to be something that touches every portion of this mosaic that is the Church. That is one of the reasons that I love working with students: they have this knack for engaging their faith in honest and fresh ways,” said Chris.

As he gets to know the students and adults here at Woodmont, Chris’ main hope is to create an atmosphere of honesty where everyone can be real with who they are. Part of his focus will be to address the questions and passions that our youth face every single as they grow in their faith and strive to live like Jesus.

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