“Spiritual Reflections on Faith, Values, and Culture” by Clay Stauffer

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“Spiritual Reflections on Faith, Values, and Culture” is now available in Woodmont’s bookstore!  To pick up your copy, visit the bookstore on Sunday morning before or after service.  Limited quantities available.

This book addresses the deeper issues that matter most in life: faith, wisdom, values, spirituality, relationships, connection, and self-reflection. As our world becomes more and more secular, people remain restless and hungry to discuss these important topics. What does it mean to grow spiritually? What does it mean to do meaningful soul work? What are the values and priorities that should matter most?

What people are saying about the book:


“Why are we here? Why is there so much pain and hurt? Where is God when we need him? How do we find meaning and purpose?” Clay Stauffer confronted these questions when his mother committed suicide. In this volume, his inspirational writing helps the rest of us piece together our fractured lives in this fractured world.”

—Senator Lamar Alexander


“I liked Clay from the moment I met him. When he told me he pastored a church in Nashville, I must confess, I didn’t see that one coming. Clay has written this book about some really tough subjects facing so many of us today. Because of his kindness of heart, I look forward to reading Clay’s perspective and wisdom on questions of Spirituality, values, faith and family. I believe we’ll find his thoughts compelling.”

—Vince Gill


“Clay Stauffer has the gift of being able to convey scriptural insight with practical wisdom. I have personally enjoyed reading his take on how believers react to today’s challenges and appreciate Clay’s desire to see the church bring light to darkness.”

—Governor Bill Haslam, TN


“Dr. Clay Stauffer is known to most people as the Senior Minister at Woodmont Christian Church, but I personally know Clay as a truly caring person who lives his life demonstrating the faith and values he preaches. Clay is a young man I greatly admire and respect. I think you will find his writings to be inspirational in today’s turbulent times.”

—R. Milton Johnson, CEO, Hospital Corporation of America


“I have known Clay Stauffer for many years. Clay is a unique individual…smart, with an insatiable intellectual curiosity and a desire for finding truth. His writing is relevant and real. I’ve learned so much from Clay. I’m proud to call him my pastor and my friend.”

—Bill Carpenter, CEO, Life Point Health