A place for all kinds of families.

Relationships are challenging, especially when raising children. 

Families are the fabric of Woodmont.  From your child’s dedication service in our sanctuary through the preschool and elementary years and all the way into youth group, our staff is committed to nurturing all kinds of families and all kinds of children.


At Woodmont Christian Preschool, learning isn’t just cracking a book open and dispelling information. It goes much deeper.  With a holistic philosophy of serving kids intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, creatively, and spiritually, the preschool aims to create future innovators and problem solvers, those who have a true love for the process of learning.


Our amazing staff creates a safe and welcoming environment where your children learn how to love Jesus and each other.  As a result, a large part of our growth in recent years has been in the area of children and family.  After five years of planning, we are adding five additional children’s classrooms, a gathering area, and a grand entry on the south end of our building.


We create a caring community for youth by establishing a clear identity rooted in the unconditional love of Christ for all people.  We welcome new people and new ideas with a passion to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

Young Professionals & Couples

Our Young Professionals & Couples group is a gathering of peers facing similar life stage challenges who enjoy each other’s company. Varying from mid-twenties to mid-forties in age, some members are couples with kids while others are dating, engaged, or single.


Divorce, separation and relationship crisis bring about a complex set of emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, loneliness and more.  We know firsthand because we’ve been there.  Join us in a safe, confidential, and healing environment for peer support, honest discussion, and recovery education.