At Woodmont, you'll find a place to connect with real family.
Join us Sunday at 
9:30, 9:45 (The Bridge) and 11:00am


Walk Thru Bethlehem 2017

FREE!  One day only

Sunday, December 10, 2017

1 to 7 PM, Woodmont Christian Church, Nashville, TN

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Whatever Happened to Humility?

Nov 12

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a world where there was less hate, division, and polarization?  Or wondering why everybody feels like they have to be right all the time?  Are you ready to move on from the past and look for a new beginning?

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Can You Dare a Yes? by Farrell Mason

Nov 9

I am reminded today of the gospel story in Mark of the two fishermen mending their nets on the beach when a stranger approaches and simply says, “follow me.” I have always been struck by their response. There was no hesitation. The...

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