Sunday School Classes

Make a big church feel small

Build relationships and connect with others at Woodmont through groups.

Sunday School Classes

8:30 AM Seekers Class – Room 105

A facilitated Bible study/discussion group using books by noted theologians like N.T. Wright. Come early for hot coffee, a breakfast snack, and warm fellowship at 8:15. Grow together in knowledge and faith and learn how the Bible applies to daily life.  Contact

9:30 AM Challenge Class – Room 200

Discusses contemporary issues from a Christian perspective using a variety of formats. Recently discussed books include The Shack, In God’s Holy Light, and The Rebirthing of God.  Contact:

9:30 AM Disciples Class – Room 105

Starts off each week with 15 minutes of good ol’ gospel singing, followed by a time of prayer. Lessons are Biblically based and include both lecture and group discussion. Contact:

9:45 AM Christian Response to the 21st Century Class – The Boardroom

This class look at current events and how scripture guides a Christian response based on social justice and the gospel. Topics include things such as “Christian Response to American Rage” and “The Wisdom and Courage of Martin Luther King Jr.”  For more information contact Rob Quinn at

10:45 AM Life in the Balance – Room 100

Specifically designed for parents of preschool and elementary aged children, as well as younger couples, this class is led by a rotating group of WCC staff members, including Donovan McAbee, Anne-Marie Farmer, and Justin Gung. This group focuses on life, balance, priorities, friendship, marriage, parenting, and spiritual growth. Come grow with others at Woodmont who are facing many of the same challenges you face and learn from those who have been where you are.  Contact:

11:00 AM Pathways Class – Boardroom

Designed for parents of kids in middle and high school. An energetic group of 30–50 “somethings” who are seeking spiritual and practical guidance on their faith journey. Uses video lessons and guest speakers who share insights and perspective on the challenges facing the modern Christian family.  Contact:

11:00 AM Points of View – Room 105

Designed for people interested in examining and refining their own beliefs. Organized discussions based on readings in theology, Christian history, and current issues. Recently studies have included James D. Tabor’s book Paul and Jesus: How the Apostle Transformed Christianity.  Contact:

11:00 AM Reflections Class – Room 200

Comprised of singles and couples generally 60+ years old. Begins with a silent prayer period followed by prayers for others. Dr. Roy Stauffer chooses the topic and allows discussion to take it from there. Prayer, laughter, interactive discussion and accompanying biblical background characterize a typical Sunday.  Contact:


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