Reflections from Princeton

I spent the majority of last week back in Princeton for a conference on polarization and the role the church should play. It was led by a guy named Allen Hilton, a Yale Ph.D. and a former New Testament professor at Yale. He has now formed an organization called “House United” with the sole purpose of bridging the theological and ideological divides within Christianity to honor Jesus’ final prayer in John 17 that “all would be one so that the world might believe.”

The conference was fascinating and I will be sharing more about it in the future. Right now, it must suffice to say that polarization will continue to be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The church has the opportunity to be a place where people of different politics and ideologies can come together out of a common faith in Jesus Christ. It’s not always easy but we have to try. As we say in the Christian Church, “that which unites us is greater than that which divides us.” We musty never forget that.

I hope Woodmont is poised to continue to be this kind of church in the future. When the conference ended on Friday, my family arrived in Princeton. What a joy it was to have Megan and my kids at a place that is so dear and special to me. When I was in school there, I wondered what my family would be like one day. Now I know, and I am grateful! Here’s to a future of continuing to be the church that Jesus calls us to be – united and loving.