Construction Progress

Construction Progress

Thank you for supporting the “Building for Our Future” Capital Campaign! It is very exciting to now see the walls of our new chapel going up.

We spent most of the fall digging into rock, excavating, and getting the site ready to build. This involved a significant amount of rock removal and detailed civil engineering to deal with stormwater run-off and drainage. The steel beams are being delivered this week and soon the chapel will be framed.

We also appreciate your patience with our challenging parking situation on Sundays. We are hoping to have the new parking lots in front and behind South Hall completed in time for Easter. Eventually, we will be adding over fifty new parking spaces to our campus.

Like any construction project, progress is made when the weather is good. When rain comes, it slows things down. The cinder block walls that you see in the air are reinforced with rebar in both directions. These walls will be framed and capped with the steel beams providing significant structural support. Once the steel beams are in place, the structure will begin to take shape. We are still anticipating completion of the project in mid to late August, one year after groundbreaking.

I want to thank those who are serving on Woodmont’s building committee to oversee this project. This includes Dr. Tom Gormley, Christine Beck, Billy Crawford, LA Galyon, Dave Malone, Allen McDonald, Jay Ramsey,

Wilbur Sensing, Cyril Stewart, Jack Derryberry, Ralph Parsons, Philip Piercy (Civil Engineer), Justin Lowe and Tara Walsh (Centric Architecture), as well as multiple Batten and Shaw representatives (contractor). Any of these individuals can answer questions that you might have and are well-informed on the project. I am thankful for their hard work, oversight, and input.

To date we have received 368 pledges towards this capital project. I am happy to report that as of the end of January 2020, we have received just over $6.6 of the $8.3 million dollars pledged. This is greatly limiting our need to borrow from Pinnacle Bank during the construction process.

It is still not too late to be a part of this exciting campaign. This year (2020) is the third of a three-year campaign. However, if you need to give into the early parts of 2021, that is perfectly fine. Our goal from

the beginning of this project has been to complete it without taking on any permanent debt. We still feel very good about that as long as the pledges come in.

I am humbled and thankful to serve a church that is growing and building additional space for the future. The vision that we have is strong and so is our momentum. Once we have the additional children’s space and classrooms, it will allow us to get our class sizes and ratios more in line with where they need to be. The new chapel will be the permanent home for The Bridge service as well as a beautiful space to host smaller weddings, funerals, speakers, and gatherings. In the mean-time, we must all continue to support the ongoing operations of Woodmont’s mission and ministries. Thank you again for your support! Please let us know if you have any questions.

With sincere gratitude,