Drive-in services 9:30 & 10:45 A.M. this Sunday

Drive-in services 9:30 & 10:45 A.M. this Sunday

What a few days this has been in Nashville with the storms Sunday and Monday nights on top of ongoing COVID-19 challenges. Many of our church members still do not have power. On Monday night May 4th, the Woodmont Board met via Zoom to talk about how we can slowly begin to safely reopen the Woodmont building to our members keeping the health and well-being of our congregation as a top priority and respecting the guidelines that have been put out for worshiping communities.

Given all the different factors, this is a challenging conversation (trust me), especially as it pertains to worship and being inside the building.

Starting this Sunday, May 10th, we will move into Woodmont’s Phase I by offering TWO DRIVE IN SERVICES – 9:30 AM and 10:45 AM in the front parking lot in addition to our online service that is always available at 7 am. Here are the details for the drive-in services on Sunday:

• Worship times will be 9:30 AM and 10:45 AM; please arrive early to park
• Shepherds will be in the parking lot to assist and direct cars
• The service should be roughly 45 minutes in length
• Please park in every other space with either the front of your car or tailgate facing the sanctuary
• Cars will be two rows deep with plenty of driving space in between
• We are working to use an FM dial to transmit the audio into the cars
• Please bring your own communion elements from home to partake
• You can sit in your car or on the tailgate of your car
• Camping chairs are allowed but must be right next to the car
• If you are outside the car, face coverings are recommended in accordance with the Governors guidelines for worshipping communities
• The main stage will be directly in front of the large sanctuary doors.
• Please enter the North entrances (closest to Woodmont Blvd) and exit the South Entrance (by the new chapel) for flow; check out the construction progress
• Parents must keep their children in their own car (very important)
• PLEASE maintain social distancing from other families; waving is great
• Services are weather permitting; if you don’t hear anything, assume both are happening

Remember, we are still offering our online service for those who prefer to worship at home. Everybody needs to make the best decision for their own family. In addition to the drive-in services, very small groups of members (10 or less) will be allowed to start meeting in the building next week, May 11th. The church office must know if your group is meeting. Non-member groups are being asked to wait for a later date. Social distancing and face coverings are required per the Governors guidelines for churches. Zoom and online meetings are still highly encouraged and seem to be working well. The church plans to move slowly in this process and we will let you know the specific details of Phase II before that time comes. We are not setting a date for Phase II right now.

This Sunday, we are beginning a new sermon series called “JAMES: Resetting Faith in Anxious Times.” James is a powerful NT Epistle that identifies many practical ways for us to put our faith into action. It deals with subjects like trials, tribulation, money, partiality, action, taming the tongue, wisdom, friendship, judgment, patience, and much more. James is very fitting for this time of “resetting” that we are in. I encourage you to read and study it on your own. It’s only 5 Chapters long. Hope to see many of you at the drive-in services on Sunday. Please let us know if you have any specific questions.



P.S. I want to thank Chris, Jenny, and our youth for a powerful service this past Sunday! Also Matt, our communications director, who is doing great video work!