“Faith & Civility” series starting points

"Faith & Civility" series starting points

• To acknowledge that faith and morality do play a significant role in the life of our public servants regardless of political party.
• To acknowledge that the civil and political landscape in America is fractured and deeply polarized, affecting every aspect of our culture including the church.
• To believe that Christians have a responsibility to model and be advocates for civil dialogue among people of different backgrounds and political ideologies
• To honor Woodmont’s ongoing commitment to being a “Big Tent” or “Purple” Church that seeks to bring conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats together through the love of Christ.
• To acknowledge that the anger and incivility of our culture has become a challenge that should be addressed by people of faith
• To provide a safe and informative forum for different perspectives and opinions to be heard on the topic of religion and politics
• To recognize that separation of church and state is very important but does not prohibit the church from engaging this important topic
• To encourage members of different political persuasion to have civil dialogue, listen to each other, and learn from one another
• To be reminded, “What unites us (Jesus Christ) is far greater than what divides us (partisan politics)
• To honor Jesus’ prayer in John 14 that, “all would be one so that the world might believe.”


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