Andra Moran

Creative Director, The Bridge

Andra Moran arrived at Woodmont to help design the Bridge. An internationally known songwriter, performer, and worship leader she certainly was the one to go to for guidance in forming this new service. She was nearby as she was directing the music program for the younger children at Vine Street Christian Church. The Andra of the resume was impressive. Andra in person was a whole other experience. So very shortly it became clear that Andra should be the creative and music director for the Bridge, its most public face and its “minister” in place. The Bridge was born as an energetic, color filled and music driven Sunday evening service where you were invited to come as you are where you are. Andra put together the Bridge band and space was created for a contemporary service.

Andra leads the Bridge service with an open heart that welcomes all. Congregants are invited to just breathe and to sink into worship. She lets the band go, people start to move and young children come down front to dance. Candlelight may guide everyone to celebrate a baptism or light the way to a creative space for reflection or to a corner for prayer.

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