Current Covid protocols

Current Covid protocols

Woodmont family,

Our leadership has been very diligent in working to keep our congregation safe during the Covid pandemic while also allowing our ministries and worship services to continue. We are certainly aware of what is now going on with the Delta variant and we are watching the data closely.

Masks are strongly encouraged for those who are unvaccinated and those at greater risk of infection. Children ages 3-11 who are still not eligible for the vaccine will continue wearing masks inside the building. This has been somewhat challenging to enforce, but right now, we need to enforce it. This has been our policy the entire time.

Also, we continue to be confident that our congregation has a very high percentage of adults who have now been fully vaccinated for multiple months. Vaccinated adults can make their own decision whether or not to wear a mask in worship.

We will continue to livestream the 9:30 Bridge and 10:45 services.

We are watching the data as it becomes available. The board will be continuing this conversation. Please show grace and understanding to one another as there are many different perspectives within the Woodmont community.

Clay Stauffer
Senior Minister

L.A. Galyon
Board Chair


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