Feb 2018
Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith

Popular Patheos blogger Benjamin Corley recently published a book titled “Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith.” Corley grew up in an ultra-conservative, hell fire and brimstone tradition where sin, judgment, and the wrath of God were pivotal parts of the theology. Years later, he suffered a mid-life spiritual awakening. He asked himself, “Why would God seek to punish and torture his creation? Why are so many Christians taught that we are undeserving, inadequate, unloved, and damned?” It no longer made sense in his mind. He was over it, and he’s not alone. Many in our culture have had it......

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Jan 2018

“I feel like I’ve turned the corner.” That’s a common phrase. I think most of us have probably said it at some point in time. It means that we feel like things are going to get better. We’ve gotten over the hump. A rough season is behind us.You know what makes a literal mockery out of that statement? Climbing out of the Grand Canyon. You see, there are no elevators or escalators in the Grand Canyon and stairs only make cameo appearances. That’s an obvious statement, but you don’t truly appreciate the......

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Dec 2017
Light the Lamps

Our Christmas tree is decorated. It was my seven-year old Rose’s year to climb the ladder and place the gilt-winged angel on the top. Elise carefully unwrapped the santons I collected years ago in France and placed the nativity figures in the arch window. Charlie hung the six stockings and pulled out the Santa mugs for hot chocolate. Percy (4) and Finn (almost 2) have already managed to run out the batteries in the “Dancing Santa” (Thank the lord!). “Candycane,” the Mason family elf-on-the-shelf, has made his first appearance perched on the......

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